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Newsletter Column Index November 2017 I hope you were able to enjoy the Intermountain Train Expo this past weekend. I know I did! Two full days of trains and friends! It went by too quickly. The Rocky Mountain Region had their Board Meeting after the show on Saturday. It was […]

Newsletter 11/17

Newsletter Column Index September 2017 37th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver 2017 – Recap Let me first explain I have been to one NMRA National Convention and two National Narrow Gauge Conventions in the past – over 11 years ago since the last one. I am still amazed that […]

Newsletter 9/17

Newsletter Column Index August 2017 What draws you to model railroading? What makes you want to be a part of the NMRA? I have always liked building things. I remember as a kid building things with cardboard from cereal boxes while watching Saturday morning cartoons. As I have gotten older […]

Newsletter 8/17

Newsletter Column Index July 2017 When you go on vacation do you seek out opportunities to find trains? I don’t usually “seek them out” but when an opportunity presents itself I am happy! Recently I was at Disneyland with my family. On one day, most had gone back to the […]

Newsletter 7/17

Newsletter Column Index May 2017 What is your favorite part of model railroading? Do you like wiring or do you prefer creating scenery? Do you like hand laying track or building freight cars? There are so many aspects of and different subjects in this hobby that it’s no wonder it’s called […]

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