A Quick Update

Mountain States Free-mo 2023 in the Machine Shop at Evanston, WY

I was recently reminded that my website hasn’t been updated in forever so here is a quick update with more to follow, hopefully. I have been so so so so busy! The saying goes “Time flies when you are having fun” so I say I must being having so much fun!!!

Since updating last, I have gotten into Free-mo model railroading. I also do a little bit of Free-moN which is N scale Free-mo. I am in five clubs, including being Superintendent of the Northern Utah Division, NMRA. For those that don’t already know, I model in HO/HOn3, N/Nn3, On30 and Live Steam which is 1/8 scale which is the same as 1.5″ scale or Ride-on.

And yes, I am still building turnouts for whoever needs them!

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