iCar Cab Ride

Take a ride on the rails as though you were in the driver’s seat. Follow along on the inaugural run of my new iCar as we go along the route of Rob Spangler’s Western Pacific 8th Subdivision. It was run as an extra following right behind another train.

This was a fun time! Took some time editing but hopefully it is fun to watch. I know it is fun for me and I’ve seen it many times! 🙂

You can watch it in FULL HD but takes some time to load.

D.O.G. – Division Operations Group. The Northern Utah Division of the Rocky Mountain Region, NMRA hosts a division round-robin style operating session for those learning the art, intricacies and etiquette of operations. We also different dispatching styles from layout to layout. We make mistakes but are learning and having fun!

Watch the extended version: http://youtu.be/OF2BKdRyDUI

Come operate on Rob’s layout during the Rocky Mountain Region Convention June 19-22, 2014


Video Recorded 9/28/13

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