Learn Something New Everyday

Base coat using a spray can.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. In my case, I wasn’t afraid and it wasn’t something new. However, it was something I had wanted to do again for a very long time (maybe 25 years.) I know a lot of people (when I say a lot, I mean hobbyists) still use an airbrush. I may be completely wrong, but with computers, I think the art of airbrushing is a lost art. I learned how to use an airbrush in college. What I don’t like about using an airbrush is how much time is required to keep it clean. I’ve learned to use a spray can pretty good. Ya, it’s not very precise but it’s really easy to clean up!


Top coat using a custom mixed color with an airbrush.

I was finishing a project and had this nagging feeling to use the airbrush. About a year ago we had a clinic on airbrushing but didn’t really get a chance to actually use it. I did get it cleaned well. Part of the issue on this project was I wanted a custom color so mixing it and then airbrushing it would be perfect! Up until now, I didn’t really need to. I’ve wanted to since those college days, but didn’t need to. I could easily use the “rattle cans.”


I am glad I used the airbrush for this project and it turned out well. Yes, it took longer but I got great results! Now, I might not be so hesitant to use it for other projects as they come up. My point in telling this is my grandma used to say, “Learn something new everyday.” I like to think I am continually learning and in this case I was re-learning a skill. I have a couple more ideas I have been putting off using the airbrush for. Now, maybe I’ll get those things done too! 

Final results of my project – a scratch built locomotive. The last item needed for my 8th AP Certificate, Motive Power.


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