Model Train Layout Construction

This website was originally meant just as a place for my products for sale. My intent however, was to always have a section with tips and hints about model trains to help others with their own model railroad layout construction. At the right there are a couple links to outside sources available for purchase. If you click on the Amazon link there will be other suggestions so even if you already have the book listed, please click it just to find other options, too. Thanks! Having said that, I will be providing free info regarding my own experiences in my sojourn of model railroading.

I have started a page about a 4×8 train layout (with a 2×4 extension) that I am currently working on. This will provide me with the opportunity of sharing tips and hints to help in your own efforts to build a model train layout. While I have a larger space I have found that it’s a little overwhelming and hard to get started sometimes, or finding one spot to focus on. This layout is small enough that almost anyone can build a similar one. I also have planned it so that it could one day be part of the larger room layout.

Having fun with trains

Most of the published layout designs might have a loop or a loop with a siding but very few have it where two trains can run at once without interfering with each other. Similar to one I had years ago, this new one can have a train running in a figure eight while a separate train can run around the outside. Unlike the first one, this one will have a small yard where one of those trains, or a third train can be switching cars. There are two crossovers to connect the loops and even a reversing section to get the train running the other way. In addition to mountains and bridges, I’m packing a lot into a small space.

In order to do all I want in a small space curved turnouts will be needed. This will provide examples to show how I use the turnouts/switches I build for others integrated into a real layout. It will also give me the chance to show some installation tips along the way. Don’t forget electrical tips, track laying tips and even scenery when the time comes.

I will be updating the model train layout construction as time permits. If it’s awhile between updates I could be “working on the railroad” or working on a turnout/switch order. So let’s get started!

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