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February 2017


APLogo_V17I’ve got some great news this month: It’s official that I am Master Model Railroader #585 and the third currently living in Utah! What does that mean? Well, for me it means I’ve accomplished a goal I’ve had for awhile. I first heard about the AP about 17 years ago. I’ve been working seriously on the requirements for about the last 5. Do not think that I believe I am better than anyone else. If anything, I see a lot that I still have to work on. By earning my MMR I believe it has made me more well rounded in my model railroading activities. Giving back to the hobby is part of that. Anyone who is also interested to work toward this goal, let me know. I’m very willing to help those who want to know more.

I am outlining my Quest for Master Model Railroader in a series of articles in the NMRA Magazine starting in the January 2017 issue. You can also see more pictures and get more insight on my website – I am uploading more info to the site as the magazine articles come out.

I often think of myself as a “Jack of all trades” but don’t like the second half of the phrase – “master of none” Well, now I can say that I’m a “Jack of all trades AND a master of one!” I have been a Cubmaster and am currently an Assistant Scoutmaster but that’s more of a leader than of one mastering skills. ? Though, I am learning new skills still in both Scouts and model railroading, that I am trying to “master.”

In any case, I will continue to pursue my passion of life-long learning instilled in me by my Grandmother. There are a couple more AP certificates I am interested in earning. I will continue to serve the Division in multiple capacities. I have enjoyed the friendships that have formed over the last several years and look forward to continuing them and building new ones. Please continue to share your knowledge, skills and accomplishments with the rest of us so we can all be better for it and in that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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