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April/May 2014


One thing I think is really cool about model railroaders is we come together and are united in our Love of Trains.

There are so many types of trains, scales, areas of interest, prototype, freelance, and on and on but the best part is we mostly just get along because it’s about the trains. I still think it funny when I was selling cars and a couple would not buy a blue one because it was not the color of their college. When I found the right red one, boy did they love it! Sometimes our trains can be like that. We just love certain ones and may or may not be able to explain it. But that’s what is cool: I can like one and you can like a different one but we get along because we both like TRAINS!

Interestingly, most in this hobby are men. We have a few wonderful women amongst us but they are rare. When we get together it is about the trains, right? That is why we are friends, remember? If my wife were a model railroader she would know the names of your kids and what sports and hobbies they were interested in too. In other words, more of the personal connection. I think the ladies have more of a knack for that sort of thing. I think most of you know my son hates trains but I still take the time to go to all of his soccer and hockey games! What you don’t know is that I claim my first daughter’s word was “Shay.” What is something personal about you that I don’t know?

I love the posters on Facebook and elsewhere that have the thought bubble of the girl and a million things going through her mind and it is contrasted with the guy who has one or two things – food and when is the game on? I’m not saying we should be like the ladies. They are wonderful and just have a different process but we can learn from them. When we are together it’s all about the trains and I think it is cool that so many guys with so different backgrounds can get together and enjoy each other’s company because of that. But… I challenge you to learn something new besides “what train this or that” about one of your fellow train enthusiasts that you didn’t know. Let’s make it more personal when we get together. Really start to get to know each other. On the other hand, maybe that new locomotive that was just announced is the only thing you want to talk about. Your wife or kids probably don’t care but I’ll listen. Maybe I want one too.

It really is all about the trains after all.

Let me know if you have made progress towards your AP. I am hunkering down to finish a model I’ve been working on for over a decade to bring to the Golden Spike Limited 2014 convention next month. It’s right in our backyard! We should take advantage of that. Even if you haven’t started on anything AP, bring a model or two to just display or even learn what the process is like to have it “AP Judged” to get your feet wet. I hope you do, I will. Let’s enjoy the journey together.

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