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June 2017



What are you doing to have fun with model railroading? Chances are, as long as it isn’t armchair modeling, it might qualify for some aspect of the AP. You should all know by now, for years I had many projects “mostly done” and just needed to set a few personal goals to get them finished. One reason I finally set those goals was because I wanted to earn my MMR. You may not be in “full go mode” to get your MMR but if you are in “model railroading mode” you might be doing something that would earn you a Merit Award or AP Certificate. If you are doing it, why not get the recognition for a job well done!?! That’s what Jim Harper’s friends told him. He’s our Southern Utah MMR. Below is a picture of one of our Division member’s layout. It isn’t as massive as a whole basement layout. In fact, it’s only slightly smaller than my own layout. He’s working on getting his Golden Spike Award and really close to it! Again, he’s having fun and learning and hopefully soon, I will be presenting him his award because he his enjoying his hobby and stretching his comfort zone by doing a couple of things he hadn’t tried but most of it he had already done! Read over the requirements to see what interests you most and start there. I have some papers I can give you that are a little more simple if it seems confusing. I’m always willing to help out and answer questions. Let’s see where you are on the requirements and show us what you’ve done and that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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