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July 2017



When you go on vacation do you seek out opportunities to find trains? I don’t usually “seek them out” but when an opportunity presents itself I am happy! Recently I was at Disneyland with my family. On one day, most had gone back to the hotel to relax, but one of my daughters stayed with me at the park. We went in a couple of the storefronts on Main Street that we usually pass up because we wanted to get to the rides. It had been awhile for me to be in one particular area and my daughter claimed she had never been in there. We found a few cool models of replicas of buildings including the 3-D map at an angle complete with a small model train. I sure most of you know about Walt’s love of trains and while the train that circles the park was not to re-open for another month, this was a cool “second place option” to ride the train. You can see the map in my picture as well as a little history of the locomotives at Disneyland. If you recall, John Laser kit-bashed Disney locomotives and earned AP Merit Awards that helped him earn the Master Builder – Motive Power AP Certificate! Wherever we go, whatever we do there are opportunities all around us! Keep an eye out while on your next trip. It could be a building or an actual train, but be inspired by everything around you. Share with us something new you have learned at our next event and that way we can enjoy the journey together!



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