On30 Turnout/Switch Handmade For Your Model Train Layout

Now you can have hand made On30 Turnouts (Switches) for your model train Layout. On30 is becoming more popular. Why? I see a few reasons. Some who model in larger scales are seeing the benefit of choosing a smaller scale. The reason they wanted larger equipment was maybe to be able to have more detail. With On30 you can still have a very high level of detail but the track is smaller for a tighter radius and more can fit into the same space. Often the equipment is smaller too so you can have more but still have lots of detail. Others are moving up from smaller scales where it is hard to see and/or achieve the level of detail that they want. Either way On30 is growing in popularity.

Track and turnouts/switches are part of your model trains or model railroad and thus should be considered a model too that you would detail just as you would a freight car or special locomotive. The problem is it also needs to work reliably and you don’t really want to spend hours on it. It is one of those details that if not done right it will be very obvious (trains derailing, etc.) but when it is done right people shouldn’t even notice. I can help you get started! By ordering one of my turnouts/switches you will be getting an important part done right to start with… reliability! With rails soldered to PC Board ties they will be in gauge and stay that way. Then you add the ties that you like, ballast and weather it and you have an awesome looking turnout that will be reliable for years to come. All without having to spend hours getting it just right!

On30 #4 with Narrow Gauge Water Car


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