The Perfect Model Train Layout? 1

I recently attended a layout open house and there’s one thing in particular I wanted to share about what I observed. It was an awesome layout filling a good portion of a small basement. I could go on about a number of cool things but the one thing I want to mention is that it was not perfect. Like I said, it was pretty awesome and I would love to be the owner but it was the imperfections I noticed. Not what the owner would want to hear.
Let me explain what I mean. I don’t know about you but sometimes in my scenery work or constructing buildings I want it to look perfect. Does that ever hold you back? I can’t get it perfect so why bother? Perfection is what we may strive for in our miniature worlds we are creating but look around. The real world is full of imperfection!
The next time you are installing something on your layout, sure, make sure it works but does it have to be perfect? Sometimes yes but ofted it doesn’t.
The lesson I learned is not to forget the details but also not every detail has to be perfect to have an awesome model train layout!
Get out there and make something happen!

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