My 5th AP Certificate – Master Builder – Structures

If you have read my article in the May 2017 NMRA Magazine you know that I have always enjoyed building things. I remember as a kid building spaceships for my Star Wars action figures out of cardboard from cereal boxes! Even though only half of the structures need AP Merit Awards for the Master Builder – Structures Certificate, I wanted them to all be built to the level of detail that would earn a Merit Award anyway! After all, percentage wise, that’s only a C grade and I know I can at least do B+ work! 🙂

You can read the NMRA Magazine PDF here.

I will have a separate page for each structure but please be patient as that takes a little bit of time. For now, here’s pictures of them in order of Merit Award received. When they have their own page, the picture will be clickable and go to it’s own page.

 Lone Pine Lumber Co. Slatyfork Sawmill  Lone Pine Co. Office  Black Rock Falls Bridge & Trestle
 Wood Cutters Shack  Jamestown Assay Office  Jamestown Bank
 School House  Railroad Camp Office & Warehouse  The Gill Co Warehouse
 Utah Southern Railroad Depot, Lehi, UT  Diane’s Dills Pickle Salting Station  Elberta Sinclair Gas Station


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