My 6th AP Certificate – Model Railroad Engineer – Civil

The AP Certificates Model Railroad Engineer – Civil & Electrical are complimentary certificates. Meaning, if you are working on one you are probably working on the other, at least to some degree. If you lay track (Civil) you need some sort of power (Electrical) to make the trains run. I finished Civil first and by so doing had most of Electrical done. There were several more options beyond that one could choose from to finish Electrical.

You can view my layout from above. It is running beautifully! There are a couple of spur tracks that are not needed for the certificate that I did not take the time to finish yet. Also, in the upper right you can see my plans for expansion already. Read more about my “aerial photography” and see my original track drawing. Scroll down to see my SOQ packet with my revised track drawing.

Below is the packet I created for Civil for the SOQ – it is about 5 MB so might take a minute to load
Use the navigation at the bottom to flip through the pages of the imbedded 10 page PDF.

AP Civil-jw



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