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Welcome to Jamestown Trains where “Special track is our speciality”. Do you need a special turnout/switch or crossing? Do you want handlaid or handmade turnouts but don’t have the time or experience? Need it now? Here’s your chance. Standard Gauge, Narrow Gauge, Full Dual Gauge or Mixed Gauge we have […]

Welcome to Jamestown Trains

I was recently reminded that my website hasn’t been updated in forever so here is a quick update with more to follow, hopefully. I have been so so so so busy! The saying goes “Time flies when you are having fun” so I say I must being having so much […]

A Quick Update

UPDATE – December 2019 In addition to the National N Scale Convention, the NMRA National Convention that our division, the Northern Utah Division of the NMRA, hosted in 2019 has also come and gone. Many years of planning we did have fun and many, many people expressed the same enthusiastic […]

Custom Turnout Orders Update

In an effort to organize, and get under control, some of my personal time, I cannot promise any new orders for track work to be worked on before July 1, 2018. I have a number of orders I am a little behind on which I will finish as soon as […]

Custom Turnout Orders

Newsletter Column Index December 2017 This time of year is full of traditions. Many model railroader’s stories begin with the memory of a train around the Christmas tree. I have a special Christmas train with Santa on it that we set up nearly every year. It doesn’t always run great […]

Newsletter 12/17

Newsletter Column Index November 2017 I hope you were able to enjoy the Intermountain Train Expo this past weekend. I know I did! Two full days of trains and friends! It went by too quickly. The Rocky Mountain Region had their Board Meeting after the show on Saturday. It was […]

Newsletter 11/17

Newsletter Column Index October 2017 What’s on your workbench? Sometimes it seems I have too many projects. I’ve said before that the AP Program has helped me focus to be able to get projects completed. I’m at the point where I need to do scenery on my HO layout. In […]

Newsletter 10/17

Newsletter Column Index September 2017 37th National Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver 2017 – Recap Let me first explain I have been to one NMRA National Convention and two National Narrow Gauge Conventions in the past – over 11 years ago since the last one. I am still amazed that […]

Newsletter 9/17

Below is a “guest post” by my son. His last step to earn his Eagle Scout rank is doing his Eagle Scout Service Project. For my eagle project I am making track for a park in Saratoga Springs called Shay Park. Utah Live Steamers, a train group in Utah, currently […]

Eagle Service Project

Newsletter Column Index August 2017 What draws you to model railroading? What makes you want to be a part of the NMRA? I have always liked building things. I remember as a kid building things with cardboard from cereal boxes while watching Saturday morning cartoons. As I have gotten older […]

Newsletter 8/17

Even though I was told it was official, received the number #585, saw my bio about it in the NMRA Magazine, saw my name listed in the NMRA emailed newsletter I was still uncertain about actually having it completed. Well, I finally received my Master Model Railroader Certificate! Here is […]

I Have My MMR Certificate!

Newsletter Column Index July 2017 When you go on vacation do you seek out opportunities to find trains? I don’t usually “seek them out” but when an opportunity presents itself I am happy! Recently I was at Disneyland with my family. On one day, most had gone back to the […]

Newsletter 7/17

Newsletter Column Index June 2017 What are you doing to have fun with model railroading? Chances are, as long as it isn’t armchair modeling, it might qualify for some aspect of the AP. You should all know by now, for years I had many projects “mostly done” and just needed […]

Newsletter 6/17

Newsletter Column Index May 2017 What is your favorite part of model railroading? Do you like wiring or do you prefer creating scenery? Do you like hand laying track or building freight cars? There are so many aspects of and different subjects in this hobby that it’s no wonder it’s called […]

Newsletter 5/17

Don’t be afraid to try something new. In my case, I wasn’t afraid and it wasn’t something new. However, it was something I had wanted to do again for a very long time (maybe 25 years.) I know a lot of people (when I say a lot, I mean hobbyists) […]

Learn Something New Everyday

Newsletter Column Index April 2017 What is on your workbench? If you are like me, you might have more projects started than you care to admit. Working on AP requirements helped me to focus and with setting some goals and personal deadlines I have now completed more projects than ever! Not […]

Newsletter 4/17

Here’s a copy of my bio that ran in the April 2017 NMRA Magazine.

Bio MMR #585

Newsletter Column Index March 2017 What have you done lately to promote your hobby of Model Railroading? Notice I didn’t say the hobby I said your hobby. When I have done a clinic for the Railroading merit badge there are maybe 1 or 2 out of 20 in a class that […]

Newsletter 3/17

I am pleased to announce that as of February 1, 2017 I am now Master Model Railroader #585. What does that mean? Well, for me, I have set some personal goals to have certain criteria finished by certain dates. Does it make me a better modeler? I hope so, only […]

Master Model Railroader

Newsletter Column Index February 2017 I’ve got some great news this month: It’s official that I am Master Model Railroader #585 and the third currently living in Utah! What does that mean? Well, for me it means I’ve accomplished a goal I’ve had for awhile. I first heard about the AP […]

Newsletter 2/17

Newsletter Column Index January 2017   It’s that time of year again where people make New Years Resolutions. How about looking at it with a different spin? Is there a particular model you have been putting off getting done? I know I have a few that have been “nearly done for […]

Newsletter 1/17

Newsletter Column Index December 2016   Many people are reflective this time of the year. We just had Thanksgiving where sharing what you are thankful for is a big part of the holiday. Christmas is coming up fast and that’s also a time for sharing. One thing I have found with […]

Newsletter 12/16

Newsletter Column Index November 2016 We had a good turnout of entries for the Popular Vote Model Contest at the 2016 Intermountain Train Expo! We had about 100 ballots cast for favorite models in four categories plus a “Best of Show” where people voted for their overall favorite from all of […]

Newsletter 11/16

Newsletter Column Index October 2016   I don’t know how many of you get the NMRA Magazine. I know it is an optional “upgrade” to your membership. If you don’t, you should think about it for next year because I plan to have a series of articles. 🙂 Joking aside, I […]

Newsletter 10/16

Newsletter Column Index September 2016   There are two main types of contests that I have entered in the past. I may have mentioned this before but my first contest I ever entered was an NMRA National Convention Contest. Although the judges were very nice and explained their reasons, I was […]

Newsletter 9/16

  Newsletter Column Index August 2016   There are two main types of contests that I have entered in the past. I may have mentioned this before but my first contest I ever entered was an NMRA National Convention Contest. Although the judges were very nice and explained their reasons, I […]

Newsletter 8/16

  Newsletter Column Index July 2016   At what point does your hobby get in the way of your hobby? To some that may sound like a weird question but to others you know exactly what I am talking about! I guess the more appropriate way to phrase it is […]

Newsletter 7/16

  Newsletter Column Index June 2016   I first started trying my hand at model railroading in my teenaged years. My first set was a Tyco Silver Streak train set that had brass track. I never got it to run very well. I know my uncle loved trains but he wasn’t […]

Newsletter 6/16

Newsletter Column Index May 2016 Are you an ambassador for your hobby? We can all help promote Model Railroading in our own way. I was a Boy Scout merit badge counselor for years without anyone asking for my help. Eventually I made some effort and I found an opportunity to help […]

Newsletter 5/16

Newsletter Column Index April 2016   You know what one of the best things about being in the NMRA is? I bet you thought I would say the AP Program! No, that’s the second best thing. The best thing is members helping members. In general I think model railroaders like […]

Newsletter 4/16

Newsletter Column Index March 2016   When I found out where the Layout Tour was going to be in March I was excited! Rick Luther has earned his Golden Spike and I know is interested in earning other certificates in the AP Program to eventually earn his MMR. I know he […]

Newsletter 3/16

Newsletter Column Index February 2016   Great news! The Northern Utah Division led the entire Rocky Mountain Region with the most AP Awards in 2015! Let’s keep it up in 2016! Congratulations to Jack and Rick for getting their Golden Spike. Now let’s work on getting certificates guys. J I earned […]

Newsletter 2/16

Newsletter Column Index January 2016   It’s that time of year again where people make New Years Resolutions. If we look at the word resolution we see it is “a firm decision to do or not to do something.” I actually like that it could go both ways! I’m not one […]

Newsletter 1/16

Newsletter Column Index December 2015   Some time back I made the decision that when I had “train time” I would just work on projects that specifically got me one step closer towards an AP certificate. For me, as I’ve said in the past, the AP has helped me focus my efforts when […]

Newsletter 12/15

I have run my “Haunted Halloween Train Ride” every year except 2 for the past 11 years. One of those 2 it was actually raining and super windy. It can be a lot of work to prepare and run it. Sometimes the track needs adjusting so it doesn’t derail, the […]

Haunted Halloween Train 2015

Newsletter Column Index November 2015 We all enjoy this hobby called Model Railroading. Some of us have been blessed with time and space to have a large layout and others not so much but we still have fun when we can. I’ve talked about how to share the hobby with our […]

Newsletter 11/15

Newsletter Column Index October 2015 I am writing this months article while I am on a plane for the first leg of my trip which will include riding the Hogwarts Express! A much needed vacation with the family and I know they will have fun riding that train 🙂 That was […]

Newsletter 10/15

Newsletter Column Index September 2015   Has the weather been too nice to work on your railroad? For me, going to the basement where it’s cool has been nice. Sometimes there are many distractions in life that keep us away from our hobbies. That’s OK because your hobby will be there […]

Newsletter 9/15

Newsletter Column Index August 2015   How many of you have built a building for your model railroad? I’ve built a few. Some more detailed than others. A couple even have interior details! If you have built a building and done a little more than just assembled a basic kit, then […]

Newsletter 8/15

Newsletter Column Index July 2015   Last month I talked a little about narrow gauge but also mentioned my 1.5” backyard ride-on. Officially it’s called “Live Steam” even though I don’t have any steam to speak of. I usually open it up to the neighborhood once a year and the kids […]

Newsletter 7/15

Newsletter Column Index June 2015   Most of us have a preferred scale and gauge we like working in but how many of us actually have multiple scales and/or gauges that we like? Most know I have 1.5” ride-on in the backyard but my main scale is HO with HOn3 mixed […]

Newsletter 6/15

Newsletter Column Index May 2015   Great news! I completed the requirements for my AP Cars Certificate. The paperwork is turned in and now I am just waiting on the certificate to make it official. If you’ve been following along with this column you know I’ve been having fun. I’ve done […]

Newsletter 5/15

Newsletter Column Index April 2015   Have I mentioned I sometimes like to jump from project to project before finishing? Well, it seems like I’ve been waiting a long time for a few detail parts so I could finish my Cars Certificate. In the meantime, I received a kit I’ve been […]

Newsletter 4/15

  Newsletter Column Index March 2015   What have you done lately in your model railroad world? If you have been following my column you might have noticed that I jump around a bit on the actual topic but always bring it back around to the Achievement Program. That is a bit […]

Newsletter 3/15

Newsletter Column Index February 2015 One thing I like about the Achievement Program is that is has allowed me to stretch myself and grow in ways in this hobby that I might not have even thought of on my own. I’ve said that before but it is something that came up […]

Newsletter 2/15

  Newsletter Column Index January 2015 I’m not one to make “New Year’s Resolutions” because I think one should always be improving one’s self. However, when the opportunity presents itself I like to “resolve” to do better at a given subject. Such an opportunity presented itself or rather I took a […]

Newsletter 1/15

  Newsletter Column Index December 2014 This time of year we often see trains under the Christmas tree. In fact, I just got back from Disneyland with the family and under one of the trees that was decorated outside there was a large “dummy” train set up as though it were […]

Newsletter 12/14

  Newsletter Column Index November 2014 The contest at Wasatch Rails was a good experience for me. I really enjoyed looking at the models entered and seeing all the details in them. I am especially grateful to Rick Luther for his assistance and the others that provided guidance. When not too […]

Newsletter 11/14

  Newsletter Column Index October 2014 WASATCH RAILS 2014 — THE MODEL CONTEST IS BACK! We will have the model contest at Wasatch Rails 2014 with People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and NMRA judging. The categories will be the standard NMRA model contest categories. Special certificates for all who enter and maybe […]

Newsletter 10/14

  Newsletter Column Index September 2014 There are many things that take up our time and some are more important than others. Sometimes that importance changes over time too. We like spending time doing those things we like but sometimes it’s important to spend time doing something we don’t like to […]

Newsletter 9/14

  Newsletter Column Index August 2014 Often people wonder where or how to get started in model railroading. Well, anyone reading this has probably already started! However, for this crowd, the topic of improving upon one’s skills and/or trying their hand at something they haven’t tried before is relevant! This month’s […]

Newsletter 8/14