Newsletter Column Index June 2014 Don’t forget to bring some models to the upcoming convention. If you are still working on something, hurry and get it done! I know it feels great to finish one I’ve been working on for more than a decade! I took some pictures of it […]

Newsletter 6/14

  Newsletter Column Index April/May 2014 One thing I think is really cool about model railroaders is we come together and are united in our Love of Trains. There are so many types of trains, scales, areas of interest, prototype, freelance, and on and on but the best part is we […]

Newsletter 5/14

This is my second layout video using the iCar. Gary Petersen’s Salt Lake Southern layout is awesome! This time I ran the iCar at the end of the train looking backwards as though standing on the back platform of the caboose. You can watch it in FULL HD but takes […]

iCar Caboose Ride

Below is my first article in what is to become a long-time monthly article in my division of the NMRA newsletter. For more information regarding these articles see this page: AP Newsletter Articles Achievement Program Jim Wanlass, Division AP Chair For me the first real steps of the AP Program […]

Newsletter 3/14

I can’t believe where the time has gone! Anyway, I have been making some progress my 4×8 railroad. I just haven’t had time to post anything. Sometimes it is slow going but at least there is some progress. For example the frogs are wired for power now and locomotives do not […]

Quick Video Clip

I’ve always loved photography and it is a great way to be able to combine two hobbies: model railroading and photography! My daughter is taking a photography class in jr. high and when she said, “Can I take a picture of your trains?” I jumped off the couch ready to […]

Photography and Trains

Take a ride on the rails as though you were in the driver’s seat. Follow along on the inaugural run of my new iCar as we go along the route of Rob Spangler’s Western Pacific 8th Subdivision. It was run as an extra following right behind another train. This was […]

iCar Cab Ride

It’s been more than a year since I received my Golden Spike Award, the first step towards MMR (Master Model Railroader). I finally got around to putting up the page showing what I did. My goal in trying to achieve MMR is not to say “Look what I did” or […]

World’s Greatest Hobby

I’ve added a new, long overdue, Tips and Techniques section to the website. The first sub-page within the section is Adding Styrene Spacers which explains how I add styrene to the gaps I cut in the rails. Look for more sub-pages in the near future. I look forward to comments too.

New Tips and Techniques Section

I uploaded photos and a video from Operations Bootcamp #3 at Lee’s UCW. It was lots of fun. Lee introduced something new he implemented but since most of us don’t know that much about operations it wasn’t a key factor to how we did. Among other things in the morning, […]

Ops Bootcamp #3 and Video

My Timesaver: I’ve uploaded a new page showing my efforts so far at constructing my own Timesaver based on the original by John Allen. After 12 and a half years I’m finally building my own. A few more weeks and I should have it done. Everything from constructing the base […]

Sneak Peak of My Timesaver

While I still have to update my blog about the 4×8 layout (it’s seen some updates but not much), I have updated the Layout Tours section. Including two Operations Boot Camps I attended. Rob Spangler and Lee Nicholas both hosted the Ops Boot Camps and after Rob’s I went to Ted York’s […]

Layout Tours updated & Operations Boot Camps

  We had a fun time last night with the kids coming to trick-or-treat. As is the tradition for the last nine years except one (because of foul weather) we have opened up our backyard to the neighborhood kids to ride our train in the backyard. It is a fun […]

Daily Herald Write-Up and new Video

Almost every year we open up our backyard ride-on railroad to the neighborhood kids who come trick-or-treating on Halloween. Because of the weather there has been a few times we haven’t, but almost every year for the last 8 we have. I made a small video when it was first […]

Haunted Halloween Train Ride

I’ve added a few galleries with pictures I’ve taken at recent layout tours I’ve been on. Look for this page to be updated as I go on layout tours in the area. You can go to the Layout Tours page and see the galleries OR it is better to go […]

Layout Tour Pictures Added to Website

I realized that I have a Facebook page for Jamestown Trains but not told anyone here about it, or at least no one here has clicked “like” on it. If you are on Facebook please take a moment. Let me know if you have a page to like too. Jamestown […]

Facebook Page

I started a new thread about working towards Master Model Railroader. The first post is up. The next one should be soon. It’s about getting my Golden Spike Award. There’s quite a bit involved but I’m going to break it down step by step.

NMRA Master Model Railroader

I’m testing a new feature for my blog. Hopefully, those that have signed up for my email newsletters will automatically get an email when I’ve posted more content. I haven’t posted much in the past but want it to be a little more active and encourage you to make comments […]

Testing New Feature

I recently attended a layout open house and there’s one thing in particular I wanted to share about what I observed. It was an awesome layout filling a good portion of a small basement. I could go on about a number of cool things but the one thing I want […]

The Perfect Model Train Layout?

This website was originally meant just as a place for my products for sale. My intent however, was to always have a section with tips and hints about model trains to help others with their own model railroad layout construction. At the right there are a couple links to outside […]

Model Train Layout Construction

How did it get to be the end of the year already?!? Where did 2011 go? I’ve always said that the older I get the faster the years go by, and in a way they do. I’ll explain. Take for example my daughter who just turned 5. One year for […]

Where Did 2011 Go?

Now you can have hand made On30 Turnouts (Switches) for your model train Layout. On30 is becoming more popular. Why? I see a few reasons. Some who model in larger scales are seeing the benefit of choosing a smaller scale. The reason they wanted larger equipment was maybe to be […]

On30 Turnout/Switch Handmade For Your Model Train Layout

Do you have a spot where a turnout or switch almost fits? I had a spot where there was a slight curve in the exact spot I wanted to add one! A traditional straight with a #6 wouldn’t fit in so I “bent” it. Here’s what I did: In PhotoShop […]

Making a Turnout/Switch Fit Your Space