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October 2014



We will have the model contest at Wasatch Rails 2014 with People’s Choice, Judge’s Choice and NMRA judging. The categories will be the standard NMRA model contest categories. Special certificates for all who enter and maybe something special for the winners!

Entering your model in a contest is a good experience. I remember a time I entered models in a contest. I was attending my first Logging Modelers Convention. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t know what to expect. I left the models in the car to check it out first. It was a small convention and I was nervous. I guess I thought it would be fine because I went out to the car and brought them in. I was glad I did! I won two awards, and yes, there were other entries in my categories! 🙂

My main point is that up until that point I really did not know how to compare my work with anyone else. Not that I wanted to compare myself to anyone else, just didn’t know how well anyone thought I did. Well, that day I was validated in the fact that my work was pretty good. I didn’t enter another contest for over ten years so it wasn’t that I needed to, I just didn’t really have an opportunity. Well, now you have the opportunity. It’s a good chance to have others see your work and get feedback. On my last model I entered I had details that I figured no one would see but they did and I was pleased.

Even if you aren’t working on your AP, get out that finished, or almost finished model and bring it! It can be a great learning experience where we can enjoy the journey together!

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