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April 2017


APLogo_V17What is on your workbench? If you are like me, you might have more projects started than you care to admit. Working on AP requirements helped me to focus and with setting some goals and personal deadlines I have now completed more projects than ever! Not counting the numerous projects started, I have two “active” projects I’m currently working on. One is to finish a scratch-built locomotive I started about a year ago. The other one I’m building staging cassettes. I really like railfanning my own layout but seeing the same train go around the layout for the 100th time can get old. With the cassettes, I can have a small train run around a few times then off the layout and put the whole train on a custom shelving unit under the layout. I can then grab a different cassette and have a different train come onto the layout in seconds. I think it’s really cool! Combine that with the information Rick presented about operations at his clinic last month and the possibilities are endless!

One of my two active projects will get me closer to another AP Certificate. The other not so but it really enhances my “train time.” I’ll bet that some of you have at least one project you are working on that would get you one step closer to an AP Certificate. If you are reading along in the NMRA Magazine about my Quest for MMR hopefully you will get the idea that I didn’t do anything super-out-of-the-ordinary to achieve it. I just took it one step at a time, checking off virtual boxes until I had enough requirements done to send in the paperwork required. I was having fun with trains all the while. Let me know what you are working on and if you are interested in earning certificates I’ll try to help you come up with some goals to get you there and that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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