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August 2014


Often people wonder where or how to get started in model railroading. Well, anyone reading this has probably already started! However, for this crowd, the topic of improving upon one’s skills and/or trying their hand at something they haven’t tried before is relevant!

This month’s clinic at the Division Meeting is a case in point: I’m sure many of us know what DCC is and even have it on their layout. The question then is, “Are we using it to it’s full potential?” My guess is we are not. You might be fine with that, it does what you want. What if you found out it does something that you didn’t even know about, and once you hear about that you want to try it out?

For me, that is the benefit of the AP Program. There are several things I thought I would not have thought to bother with but once I tried them because they were an option to complete a certificate I started, I found out it is something I
really like!

You don’t have to be earnestly working on an AP certificate to get the most out of this hobby. Just figure out what you like doing and get with others who share your passion and they might show you new ways you hadn’t thought of, or you might show them something cool they didn’t know about!

Make sure you come to the clinic and even if you know about DCC, you might end up learning something new you hadn’t even thought about! As we share our knowledge and experience we can enjoy the journey together!

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