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August 2017



What draws you to model railroading? What makes you want to be a part of the NMRA? I have always liked building things. I remember as a kid building things with cardboard from cereal boxes while watching Saturday morning cartoons. As I have gotten older I can afford “cooler tools” and materials. I did recently use cereal box cardboard, however, so it’s still a good building material! I wanted to be part of the NMRA because I like the AP Program. What I didn’t know would happen is the friendships I would make. I’ve gotten to know a lot of people over the years and while I am naturally shy, I like to help people and I like talking about trains! Being a Board Member of the Northern Utah Division I have felt it a duty to go out of my way to introduce myself. I know I don’t know everyone but I know a lot of you and always try to say hi. If I don’t, I apologize and will try to do better! What does this have to do with the AP, you ask? Well, the AP isn’t just about improving yourself. With every certificate, when you send in the paperwork, you sign that you agree to help others in that area whether or not they are working on their AP. It’s about “enjoying the journey together” as I always say! Let’s have fun with model railroading and let’s help each other to have fun too!

Last Saturday I was able to take my nephew to see the Tracker’s Layout in Tooele. I felt bad I had never been out there but the timing was finally right and I wanted to see what my friends have built. If you have never seen it I encourage you to go. It’s really fun to see the layout inside a real railroad car! It was pretty fun to take my nephew too. He really likes trains and he was impressed at how big the cab area was of the steam locomotive they have on display. He got to ride the ride-on train around the yard too. Later that day when I asked what was his favorite thing he did this summer was, he named two things and one was the visit to the “train museum.”

Let us help one another as we try to improve our modeling skills but more importantly spend time with friends and family. If they even like trains a little bit, include them in your train activities. Share with us your achievements, in person or even on Facebook, and that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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