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September 2016



APLogo_V17There are two main types of contests that I have entered in the past. I may have mentioned this before but my first contest I ever entered was an NMRA National Convention Contest. Although the judges were very nice and explained their reasons, I was very disappointed in the experience. The next contest I entered was a popular vote contest and I won in two different categories, a first and second place award! Since then I have won other awards in popular vote contests and done well in NMRA contests but again, had another bad experience.

We have had a decent number of models entered into the contest in the past years but this year we have decided to try a popular vote contest at the Intermountain Train Expo. Now I’m not saying people have had a bad experience but would like to try something new for this show. We are also opening the vote up to all the attendees of the show and would like to have lots of entries into the contest. The models will be shown near the entrance and we want to showcase the skills of our Division members to the public.

If someone wants their model judged for a merit award we will still do that but the awards will be based upon the votes, not points earned. If enough points are earned for a merit award, that will still be issued from the Region and presented at the next Division Event.

The show website will have the most current information about the contest.
Below is the information about the contest.

Intermountain Train Expo Contest
The contest this year will be by popular vote. All show attendees may vote for their favorite model in the following categories. If not enough entrants in a certain category, categories may be combined at the judge’s discretion.


  • Locomotive (Steam, Diesel & Traction)
  • Rolling Stock (Freight, Passenger & Non-revenue)
  • Caboose
  • Structure


  • All models must be able to fit a 12×12 inch space. Larger models may be displayed if there is room but will be given lowest priority.
  • Enter models into the contest between 9 – 11 am on Saturday.
  • Judging will be open from 11 am on Saturday until 1 pm on Sunday.
  • Pickup models after 3 pm on Sunday.
  • Other arrangements may be made if needed.
  • If a contestant ALSO wants merit judging for credit towards the AP Program that will be done upon request.

I hope that we get lots of entries into the contest. I would like to show the public the great level of modeling within our Division. Let me know if you have questions or concerns regarding the rules above. I am open to suggestions. Let us show our great models to others and that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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