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February 2016



APLogo_V17Great news! The Northern Utah Division led the entire Rocky Mountain Region with the most AP Awards in 2015! Let’s keep it up in 2016! Congratulations to Jack and Rick for getting their Golden Spike. Now let’s work on getting certificates guys. J I earned my Chief Dispatcher, Master Builder – Cars and Model Railroad Author Certificates. Dale and Al also received (finally) their Model Railroad Author Certificate which was officially earned in 2014. Gary Myers is now the Region AP Chairman and has gotten all the backlog of items up-to-date now. Thanks Gary!

I will be adding a section to the webpage showing (and linking to) work that was done to achieve the certificates. If you have pictures you want me to add please email them to me. Also, if you have web pages or other online areas showcasing your work I can include that as well. One of the purposes of the AP Program is learning to be a better modeler. By sharing with others we can help inspire them. By actually doing we can improve our skills. Let’s do both!

On another topic, this last week the Utah Live Steamers Club had a meeting. You should have heard by now that the City of Saratoga Springs is building Shay Park. Although the city is a little behind schedule it is nearing completion. I heard the city decided to not do it in phases but to “do it right from the start” which is great! The decision was made to purchase the rail for the first section of track which will be a 700’ loop. There are enough funds to also purchase the screws, tie plates and track joiners. Some pressure treated lumber is already purchased but more donations are needed to purchase the rest. Any monetary donations are readily accepted. Please contact Mike Hansen at The Club is a 501(c)(3)

The Club is also in the process of submitting paperwork to be a 100% NMRA Club. We will need more volunteers to help with laying track and eventually running trains! For more info you can go to the Saratoga Springs web site, the Club’s Facebook page: or it’s web site:

Currently the Facebook page has the most up to date information.

You can also email Mike to be added the email list to receive periodic updates. This is an exciting project for Northern Utah County. Even if you live in the Salt Lake area it’s easy to get to off of Redwood Road in Saratoga Springs (a little Northwest of the Wal-mart.) In sports it’s important to cross-train – play or practice in another sport other than your main one. You can do that here too. My main scale is HO/HOn3 but Live Steam or 1 ½” scale is a fun way to diversify and add another interesting aspect to the hobby. Plus you can actually ride on your model instead of just watching it! Come join us at our next meeting and that way we can enjoy the journey together!

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