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September 2015



APLogo_V17Has the weather been too nice to work on your railroad? For me, going to the basement where it’s cool has been nice. Sometimes there are many distractions in life that keep us away from our hobbies. That’s OK because your hobby will be there for you when you are ready. I like to look at ways to enjoy my hobby while being engaged in those “distractions.” You can take a train magazine with you on that family outing. Something I find more useful however is a camera!

One unique aspect of model railroading versus other hobbies, in my opinion, is that it helps me look at the world around me a little differently. Look at those needles on a pine tree. How does that building sit or go into the ground. Is that building clean or dirty and if painted and peeling up how could I replicate that? The details around us are what make the difference. Sure we can go through life not really looking at anything and there’s the extreme of looking at every little detail we don’t see the whole picture.

When I go about my day I like to take some time to look at things and if I happen across an idea that makes me a better modeler then that’s great. If not that’s OK too. It doesn’t hurt and I might just enjoy the day a little bit more.

I challenge you to enjoy your day and your hobby! Look at the world around you and pick out a little detail to add to your layout or building you are working on. It could be as simple as how does that newspaper sit on that chair on the porch? Some of the models and layouts I’ve looked at have details that are easily overlooked but it’s great to hear someone comment on a detail I added that I thought might be overlooked. That way, as we improve our modeling skills, we can enjoy the journey together!

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