Daily Herald Write-Up and new Video

Write-up in the local paper


We had a fun time last night with the kids coming to trick-or-treat. As is the tradition for the last nine years except one (because of foul weather) we have opened up our backyard to the neighborhood kids to ride our train in the backyard.

It is a fun way to give back to the neighborhood. While in the past I have been a volunteer soccer coach and am currently a Cubmaster, I feel this is something a little more unique to share with the kids and adults in our neighborhood.

It is great to hear them say, “That was awesome,” or “It’s so fun!”

Many want to go around multiple times (some come back) but know they have to get off when they see the line up when we approach where they got on. Rough estimates are over a hundred kids ride it during the 2 1/2 – 3 hours I drive it. This year we had a record 5 adults ride! Usually only one or two will go throughout the night.

This year we were interviewed for an article in the Daily Herald. For the full text of the article click here.

To see the preview video check out my prior post.

Information about construction is here.

And here’s another video taken last night while riding with the kids.

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