Quick Video Clip

I can’t believe where the time has gone! Anyway, I have been making some progress my 4×8 railroad. I just haven’t had time to post anything. Sometimes it is slow going but at least there is some progress. For example the frogs are wired for power now and locomotives do not stall through the turnouts. I can also run two trains at once â?? one on the inside loop and one on the outside. I can have one on the “passing siding” while the other goes inside and back out, then they can both continue on.

It is also designed for when it’s “plugged-into” a larger layout (the rest of the room) a train can just go around the outside OR take the outer loop, inner loop or both then continue on past. It can also come from somewhere, drop off and pick up cars in the yard and then continue on.

Lots of possibilities for the future. What about now though?

For now, until more gets finished, I really just enjoy watching them go and go! One benefit to not having the scenery done is that you don’t “see the train go through the same scene twice” â?? there isn’t a “scene”! 🙂

This quick video clip shows two trains coming close on parallel tracks then one passing the other. It’s fun to set them at a set speed (different speeds respective of the type of train) and sometimes getting close like this and sometimes not. The outer loop is longer than the figure 8 but the outer train is longer and faster. Several variables to play with.

Even though the layout is crowded with junk and it’s not great lighting, it’s the track work that is being finished right now so the trains run well. I’ll get to the rest later but for now I am having fun at the stage I am at. That’s what it’s all about!

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