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Welcome to Jamestown Trains where “Special track is our speciality”. Do you need a special turnout/switch or crossing? Do you want handlaid or handmade turnouts but don’t have the time or experience? Need it now? Here’s your chance. Standard Gauge, Narrow Gauge, Full Dual Gauge or Mixed Gauge we have the solution you need! See the flyer below for more info. If you can’t find something on our website just email jamestowntrains@gmail.com We are continually updating our website so keep checking in. Eventually we plan on adding videos and structures too. Thanks for stopping by and tell your friends!

Jamestown Trains Flyer

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Jamestown Trains

  • Joe

    I am building a very small dual gauge HO/HOn3 layout and my curves are 18″ standard gauge and 15″ narrow gauge…am looking for turnouts to fit this setup.. Curved turnout (18/15) standard straight, narrow right-Narrow on right….and the reverse is true as well. Curved turnout (18/15) standard straight, narrow left-Narrow on left.

    Can these be made and what would be the cost?