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Newsletter Column Index December 2015   Some time back I made the decision that when I had “train time” I would just work on projects that specifically got me one step closer towards an AP certificate. For me, as I’ve said in the past, the AP has helped me focus my efforts when […]

Newsletter 12/15

Newsletter Column Index September 2015   Has the weather been too nice to work on your railroad? For me, going to the basement where it’s cool has been nice. Sometimes there are many distractions in life that keep us away from our hobbies. That’s OK because your hobby will be there […]

Newsletter 9/15

  Newsletter Column Index March 2015   What have you done lately in your model railroad world? If you have been following my column you might have noticed that I jump around a bit on the actual topic but always bring it back around to the Achievement Program. That is a bit […]

Newsletter 3/15

Newsletter Column Index February 2015 One thing I like about the Achievement Program is that is has allowed me to stretch myself and grow in ways in this hobby that I might not have even thought of on my own. I’ve said that before but it is something that came up […]

Newsletter 2/15

  Newsletter Column Index January 2015 I’m not one to make “New Year’s Resolutions” because I think one should always be improving one’s self. However, when the opportunity presents itself I like to “resolve” to do better at a given subject. Such an opportunity presented itself or rather I took a […]

Newsletter 1/15